Almond Caturra

5.490 Ft

Grown on the 8.5 hectares of San José farm, processed by washing, Almond Caturra has hints of almond, floral notes and vanilla with a sweet, good body. The Caturra variety is a mutation of Bourbon, discovered in Brazil in 1937. It has a high yield and tends to produce more fruit than it can nourish, but with good care, the farmers can avoid the plant succumbing to drying out. Outside Central America, it is also very popular in Colombia and Brazil. As the height increases, the quality of the coffee increases in proportion, but yields decrease. Caturra has very small fruit, often called dwarf or semi-dwarf. Eudoro’s Almond Caturra is washed. This means that before drying, a machine, called a depulper, is used to remove both the skin and the flesh of the fruit, and then water is used to wash away anything else that remains on the bean. Washed coffee has a much clearer flavour than other processes and brings out the characteristics of the variety and terroir better than other processes.

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