Bourbon Honey

5.490 Ft

1715 meters high in the mountain ranges of El Salvador lie the 60 hectares of the Santa Elena farm, that is where this honey processed Bourbon comes from. Notes of apricot and mocha are followed by a complex, fruity aftertaste with sweet caramel, accompanied by pleasant and balanced acidity. The Bourbon variety, which originates from the island of Réunion, is a natural mutation of Typica. Bourbon has a higher yield, and is renowned for its sweetness in specialty coffee circles. The cherries are normally yellow or red, but in some cases they are orange. On the hectares of Santa Elena there are numerous Bourbon trees which are older than 80 years, planted during the days when Fernando's grandfather ran the farm. The honey process means they remove the skin of the fruit, but leave the flesh on the seeds to ferment, which enrichens the beans with fructose and sweetness.

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