Choco Special

3.990 Ft
Choco Special is a blend of coffees from La Bendición labelled SHG which is the short for "strictly high grown."  Characterized by dark chocolate and mild acidity, it is sweet and well-balanced in a round body. SHG is a grade of coffees grown over 1200 masl. At higher altitude the air is cooler and therefore takes longer for the coffee to mature, flower and produce its berries, which have more time to develop. The higher the altitude, the better the quality. Choco Special is fully washed. This means that before drying, a machine called a depulper is used to remove the skin and flesh of the fruit and then water is used to wash away anything else that remains on the beans. Washed coffee has a much clearer flavor than other processes and brings out the characteristics of the variety and terroir better than other processes.

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