Cocoa Passion

5.490 Ft

We introduced this washed coffee from the Santa Elena farm as Pacamara Jasmin in 2020. Two years are frankly enough time for a coffee to change, so did this one. It is complex in its sweetness and acidity which are overturned by fruitiness like passion fruit and cocoa notes. Pacamara was cross-bred between the "Pacas" and "Maragogype" varieties, created in El Salvador in 1958, 9 years after Don Alberto Pacas discovered a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, whitch was named after him. Thanks to the Maragogype, the leaves, fruit and beans of the Pacamara are very large. Fernando's Pacamara is washed. This means that before drying, a machine called a depulper is used to remove both the skin and the flesh of the fruit, and then water is used to wash away anything else that remains on the bean. Washed coffee has a much clearer flavor than other processes and brings out the characteristics of the variety and terroir better than other processes.


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