Gran Reserva

5.790 Ft
The Gran Reserva is one of the most complex coffees, with sweet and acidic notes in perfect harmony, while the palate is reminiscent of jasmine and exotic fruits: tangerine and star anise. The coffee is grown at the Santa Elena farm at an altitude of 1715 meters. Fernando regularly competes in the prestigious Cup of Excellence coffee competition, which is rightfully nicknamed the “Olympics of Coffee”, where the Gran Reserva scored exceptionally high, with the jury awarding it 90 points for its marvelous flavour. What makes this coffee so special is that its beans are handpicked one by one from those very shrubs that were planted by Fernando's grandfather at least a hundred years ago - meaning that they have been bred and cared for over a century. This age is the criteria for inclusion in the Gran Reserva selection at the farm.

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