our mission

Purpose driven coffees

With Daisuke, we know exactly where each bean was grown, who harvested it and how it got to the cup. We also know the farmers. They are our friends.

We pay a fair price for the beans, support the development of farms and children's education, and in return we get high quality products. Our fair trade system serves both the farmer and the customer.

Our corporate partners can learn about the farmers' lives and visit them. We are building a community of people who care about quality and the mission behind the product, the "purpose".

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Daisuke Tanaka

„Coffee is like a full basket, it's just full of fruit and very sweet, pleasant aftertaste, good balance. It's like a very good wine, because coffee is fruit.”

Our namesake, Daisuke Tanaka of Japan was a judge at the world's most prestigious international coffee competition, the Cup of Excellence. It was here that he met farmer Sergio Ortez and the two men became friends.

Daisuke lived on Sergio's farm for weeks, learning a lot about growing and processing coffee, but also realizing that exploitation is commonplace in this world. The biggest problem is the uncertainty caused by the fluctuating coffee prices.

Daisuke has developed a plan for direct trade. His method leaves more money for producers, but they have to follow the rules. Child labor is forbidden, workers are paid high wages and the best quality must always be sought.

Every year, Daisuke selects the best beans from organic farms and brings them to Hungary as well.

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Story of Szabolcs Szelei

After successful decades as a top manager of multinational companies, Szabolcs Szelei decided to dedicate his days to the distribution of socially fair and high quality coffee.

Szabolcs travelled around the world as a marketing director and as a private individual, “I drank my first really good coffee in El Salvador in 2007” - he says. Later, life brought him together with Daisuke Tanaka, a Japanese master of coffee tasting, got to know the often challenging lives of farmers, and the idea of a sustainable coffee business was born on a Bali - Hong Kong flight.

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