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As one of our coffee farmers, Fernando, puts it, "El café une la planeta", coffee unites the world, it brings people together. At Daisuke, we know where each bean was grown, who harvested it and how it got to the cup. We also know the farmers. They are our friends.

We give our corporate partners, the companies that order from us, the opportunity to get in touch with the producers, learn about their lives, their needs and the coffee itself. They can even visit the farmers. We are building a community of individuals and companies for whom quality and mission, "purpose", are important.

Cooperation is based on trust

We pay farmers several times the world market price for beans, we support children's education, and in return we get excellent quality. Child labor is nonexistent on Daisuke farms. We believe in not exploiting those we know. Our fair trade system serves both the producer and the customer. We constantly check that farms participating in the scheme are complying with the rules.

Our company is named after the Japanese Daisuke Tanaka, the grand master of coffee tasting and a former Cup of Excellence jury. His colleague Szabolcs Szelei gave up a successful multi-corporate career for a fair coffee trade. Their shared passion is to bring the best coffee in the world to their customers.

Thanks to our direct trading system, we can offer our customers roasted coffee beans at an exceptional price-value ratio.
Our service also includes the provision and regular service of a coffee machine.

Let's discuss the details in the company of a good coffee!

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